Friday, January 29, 2010

Wedding Ideas - Question #2

I am getting married! And I want my reception to be a mix of an English rose garden and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - so far I have pink lanterns and tea cup candles. Other pretty and simple ideas?       
                                                                    Thanks, Sarah
Dear Sarah,
Congratulations! I want to know who is going to be the Mad Hatter!!? Truth be told, the design depends on the location of your wedding... Once you decide that, plus chairs and tables, it will be easier for me to be of more specific help! For now, some whimsical ideas for your concept would be...
*Lots and lots of it bunched up to look like a puff with white mini battery operated lights   under so the light shines through...
*Tied in bows on chairs with a flower (roses for yours!)  
* Rose heads put into little water holders and lay them over tulle on the tables.
* Rose petals strewn all over the place - on tables, the floor, etc... and I'm talking lots not just a few pedals on the ground...and not just the flower girl with the little basket throwing it out!
*Lots and lots of candles
*Lanterns hanging in the air
*Little lights under tulle or hanging
    ... ivy and satin ribbons...


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