Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ask My Mom

I am the daughter of an interior designer and a realtor. Growing up, we often moved from one house to another as my parents bought, fixed and sold many a home. When I moved out on my own, my apartments were often the envy of my friends. It kinda helps when your mom's a designer! My mom has come to help every time I've moved. She teaches me how to make small, inexpensive changes that always seem to make a huge impact. She can make beauty out of nothing. 

After years of friends and family constantly asking my mom for design advice, I thought I'd create a place to share all her amazing tips. Here's to my mother's amazing talents and her ability to think outside the box. Interior design is in her blood. She has been doing it since I can remember. As a kid, I remember spending a lot of time in the car as she ran errands to hardware stores, paint stores, furniture stores - you name it. At the time, it was so frustrating! Now, oh how grateful I am... I know how lucky I have been to have the free advice. Now you can have it too! 

Go on, ask my mom...


Sarah Groundwater said...

Dear Medina's mom:
My first question: how do I hide ugly bunches of electrical cords? AAAAH!

Sarah Groundwater said...

Second question for mom:

I am getting married! And I want my reception to be a mix of an English rose garden and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - so far I have pink lanterns and tea cup candles. Other pretty and simple ideas?


Thank you for your questions Sarah! I'm sorry I almost missed them. Next time send your questions and photos to: