Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dividing An Open Space - Question #5

Hi Medina,
Love your Blog! I have a question for you: Victoria tells me that in your first apartment, you had curtains that were on moveable brackets. My daughter, Lindsay, has a room in her condo, just as you enter the apartment that requires some kind of separation from the hallway (there are no doors).  She also uses this room for her friends when they stay, so some kind of privacy division is needed there too. Any advice/help you could provide would be most appreciated. 
                                                                               Thank you! Jackie

Hi Jackie,
I did indeed have moveable curtains in my apartment and I have since taken them with me to the next apartment! We just put curtains on these brackets that can swing out... The rod is extendable from floor to ceiling so it can be adjusted to any height. It's made by Umbra (  Here is an idea of what it looks like...

Another option are these "Adjustable Arm Swings" by Finishing Touch...

She could also just use a curtain rod w/ curtains and tie backs. The Designer says curtain separations are coming back in style and can look so cute!  Check these out...

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